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We have a passion for promoting healthy, balanced and beautiful living. Offering massage, Acupuncture, Laser Skincare, fitness classes and more, we emphasize preventive care, stress management, and personal growth.


Do you want slower and lighter growth for weeks?Do you dread waxing? Fret not! You are not alone.

Having perfectly flawless skin on each part of the body is a dream come true for many individuals. With premium waxing procedure at Isabella Aesthetics saying hello to ‘smoother and softer skin’

At Isabella Aesthetics you will be offered iWaxXXX premium waxing products that have been formulated to very gently pamper the sensitive and delicate skin. With the waxes made up of organic ingredients, you don’t have to fret about getting any kind of ramification. These top-tier waxes also have the properties that alleviate redness because of hypoallergenic characteristics

Powerful Results

The luxurious wax procedure starts the well-experienced professionals at Isabella wash the area to be waxed with warm water to open the pores. This aids in the easier removal of the hair from any part of the body.

Once the process comes to an end you will be in love with the smooth sensual feeling that you will never want to stop experiencing. It might surprise you that waxing with the top-notch unveils the more radiant, more confident, and better version of you. You’d be more delighted than ever to wear that gorgeous little black you have in your wardrobe for quite some time now. Whoever knew that waxing could make you feel as pretty as a picture!

Whether you want arms and legs, face and upper lips, Brazilian and boyzilian, and bikini line waxed, you can rely on getting the top-notch service at Isabella Aesthetics for all kinds of waxing. Also, depending upon your preference and compatibility with the skin, you can opt for either hard or soft waxes for the most effective outcome.

Pamper Yourself

That’s not all! A visit to Isabella Aesthetics will surprise as you will discover that waxing to get feel beautiful is absolutely pain-free. Isn’t this what you have always prayed for- painless waxing?

Did you know that waxing also acts as exfoliation leaving your skin cleaner and brighter than before? This is amplified with the use of premium waxing products that are used to carry out the entire procedure. And unlike shaving, you will not experience rashes, cuts, and nicks.

Good Ol’ Waxing Modernized

The specialists at Isabella Aesthetics will help you experience pleasant waxing like never before. Quick and simple, long-lasting and painless, affordable and safe waxing by the experienced aestheticians also nourishes the skin leaving it soft, smooth, and silky.

Perfection is possible at Isabella Aesthetics!

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