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We have a passion for promoting healthy, balanced and beautiful living. Offering massage, Acupuncture, Laser Skincare, fitness classes and more, we emphasize preventive care, stress management, and personal growth.

Bringing out the athletic, highly sculpted beauty in you

It is quite an uphill task to reduce the stubborn pocket of fat from the body to get into the shape you've always dreamed about. Vacuum RF slimming is a non-invasive, non- surgical way to lose inches to sculpt your body accurately and giving you a ripped, chiseled physique that you always wanted!

This treatment uses combination of high-frequency Radio Frequency and vacuum technology to increase the blood supply to the cellulite and fat prone areas of the lower body and then effortlessly burn off the fat cells to proffer natural and ‘buttery’ smooth results. While the main areas treated are the abdomen, thighs and buttocks, this treatment is ideal for those who want to not only get rid of excess body fat but also lose inches off their waist and would like their clothes to fit them perfectly!

Long-lasting effects

Unlike painfully aggressive suctioning, Vacuum RF slimming is safe and effective treatment that takes around thirty minutes to complete. While the treatment begins with the application of gel to the target area, it is followed by warm, tender circular movements of RF stimulator, which creates heat— instigating production of collagen that tightens the loose, sagging skin. Even better, the heat also stimulates blood circulation which not only nurtures the skin, in conjunction with vacuum therapy, but also helps removing the fat from the body.

Why Isabella Creations? Because it’s not just about the treatment, it’s the experience

At IsabellaAesthetics, our expert beauticians have the highest standards of training and certification in Vacuum RF slimming. They will discuss your goals and will take the time to discuss all those aspects of your skin fat that is bothering you, and advise on the bespoke treatment plan that achieves you results in accordance with your budget and timings.


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