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The iconic Korean V-shaped jawline is the latest craze that has been making waves as of late and elevating the confidence to the already beautiful you! This non-surgical approach facelifts your pretty face by narrowing the jaw area to give you a slimming effect and a chiseled jawline.

Unveiling Beauty

The contouring of the face is carried out to create the slimmer, more symmetrical and more balanced appearance which is obtained without going under knife. This completely non-surgical procedure is an integration of Korean small face bone massaging technique with full facial RF that results in the formation of beautiful, heart-shaped look.

Did you that 29 bones in the human head are not static and depending on the muscles they can be shifted to make pretty significant changes? The non-invasive manual technique also known as ‘bone tonification’ resets the bone structure to give desired doll-like shape to your face. By kneading the jawbone with deft, forceful, expert strokes, the face gradually starts to get into a V-shape as the angular jawline softens.

Also, the scalpel-free, face-shape resetting procedure helps in the enhancement of the complexion as the massage increases the circulation on the face.

Jowls and Gobble-chin Begone

The most prominent benefit of the Signature Korean V-Shape Facelift is to target the saggy jawline to give it a definite shape which is always desirable. With age comes wisdom but also aging face and to make sure you have a pretty, youthful face this particular facelift methodology also contributes in tightening the skin and provide face-shaping effects. Another perk of this trendy treatment is getting rid of double-chin which every living soul abhors.

While the transformation may be dramatic, you will be the best version of yourself like you have always wanted to be. After all, every single breathing soul wishes to have more symmetrical face than the one they already have. Also, v-shaped facelift has been acknowledged as soft and feminine-looking facial structure. With an augmented chin and more defined jawline, this procedure also helps to take care of sagging skin, texture change, fine lines and wrinkles.

Why IsabellaAesthetics: While here, it’s your time to be pampered!

Isabella Aesthetics takes pride having highly trained master therapists who perform this efficacious facelift with unwavering focus to get the jawline you covet. The utmost dedication and professionalism of the Isabella Aesthetics ensures that you are treated with nothing but the best of everything.


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