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Signature Korean Medical Grade Skin Booster Singapore

Signature Korean Medical Grade Skin Booster

IsabellaAesthetic’s award-winning Signature Korean Medical Grade Skin Booster is one revolutionary aesthetic service that’s been making waves in the skin care industry. The treatment that originated Korea is believed to help one restore a smooth, dewy complexion while simultaneously stimulating collagen- the wrinkle preventing protein! The conventional skin booster treatment had injectable hyaluronic acid as the key element however the treatment at IsabellaAesthetic’s incorporates eight prime ingredients to help you get the skin you want. Skin booster aims to strengthen skin’s natural defense to protect it from the environment and irritants.

What are the ingredients, you may wonder? The answer: from multi vitamins to salmon egg extracts to various whitening and hydrating constituents, this award-winning, painless treatment not only enhances healthy skin regeneration but also smoothen the skin. Also, the treatment incorporates EGF which won the Nobel Prize.

Feel Natural and be Natural

The procedure includes the blend of the eight remarkable ingredients that’s injected into the epidermis layer of the skin and the result is visible instantaneously. The instilled mixture functions by hydrating skin and infusing the vitamins to restore the youthful skin within fraction of time. Considering the intrusive nature of this beauty treatment, experts at IsabellaAesthetics make sure to elevate the customer’s comfort and convenience. This is achieved by massaging the affected area with numbing cream for about half an hour and alleviates the pain to a great extent.
Treatment for youthful skin Singapore

It’s more than Just a Skin Care Appointment

The Signature Korean Medical Grade Skin Booster brings about a drastic improvement in the skin condition due to the injection of crucial vitamins like A, C, E, and D. It also contains active whitening ingredients to lighten the complexion while smoothening the skin that you dearly love. This fountain-of-youth treatment boasts of derma growth factor like EGF and FGF that relentlessly fight aging, making you look much younger than your age. There are also traces of Thioctic Acid which is dermatologically believed to enhance the elasticity and promote collagen in skin.

For all this benefits to be visible on your face, it’s imperative to hydrate the skin which is the function of hyaluronic acid that moisturizes skins through water-binding properties. In fact, this exclusive acid is acknowledged to plump the skin and give an all-over dewiness. You will also notice the skin getting hydrated in the days to follow as this powerful acid retains more and more moisture.

And yes, instead of making several visits at the clinic, you can achieve the optimum result with the recommended number of sessions- usually 4 consecutively within 2 weeks! So get ready to gleam up with this sure shot treatment.



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