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Blossom into a NEW YOU

Bid adieu to hairy situations with the Super Hair Removal (SHR) treatment by Isabella Aesthetics, which removes hair painlessly and permanently. SHR is an advanced technology that uses a laser a laser power source —targeting the black pigment in the hair follicles to reduce the growth of hair and preventing the new ones from growing.

Enriched with the generosity of powerful and precise laser sources, SHR is highly effective against the fine hairs that are most likely to regrow after removal of coarse hair. Being the leading hair-removal technology in the cosmetic industry, it effectively removes and limits hair regrowth, especially from sensitive areas.


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DPL Light Skin Brightening

The pulsed light also boasts the incredible ability to tighten your skin pores, making it look more refined and even-textured. You will be amazed at the result that you will clearly observe after undergoing the treatment. You will be on cloud nine as you mirror the glowing, dewy, and bright skin that’s worth not just second but third and even fourth glance.

That’s not all! The process uses cool tip technology that helps to eradicate skin imperfections while enabling the penetration of necessary minerals to penetrate deep into the dermis layer.

Moreover, a fast-growing cool tip technology is used in the procedure which has two advanced modes. While mode 1 works on the basis of single light direct pulses, mode 2 functions on the continuous mega light pulses. Exposing the skin to the low level red and near-infrared wavelengths encourages the stimulation of skin healing, restoration, and blood flow that accelerates the skin's brightening function.

One-stop hair removal solution

Apart from hair removal, SHR Pulse Hair removal treatment promises you lasting results that keep you looking more youthful and beautiful for about a year. All you need is a quick touch-up appointment every four to six months following your initial treatment.

And because, SHR targets the black pigments in the hair, in addition to the fact that its hand-held wand is bigger, it proves to be a sure-shot cost-effective for treating larger areas of skin. The best part is that it is safe and painless, and involves slight stings at the point of laser activation that feels just like a rubber band snapping against your skin.

What’s more; it does not damage the skin, so you can relish your smooth, soft and beautiful skin every day.

Isabella Aesthetics: The ultimate indulgent skin brightening Super Hair Removal experience

At Isabella Aesthetics, one of our highly-specialized cosmetic experts will evaluate your expectations and review your hair growth cycle and the thickening degree. Similarly, a personalized, tailor-made skin brightening program is carried out to let you have the flawless skin that you have always desired.

Now that you have a clear picture regarding SHR pulse hair removal and skin brightening technique, what are you waiting for? Be bold (and relieved) this summer, and grab an appointment at Isabella Aesthetics. See you on the other side with softer, smoother, and beautiful skin! 🙂

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