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Wouldn’t you like to pamper your beautiful bosoms to dramatically improve the shape and size for a fuller and more symmetrical appearance? That too with the adaptation of a completely non-invasive, relaxing procedure with no downtime!

Let Isabella Aesthetics be your saviour to convert your fantasy into a reality! And fret not; you don’t have to pop up the pills. Our secret to naturally volumize your bosoms lies in the massage using a special Breast Intensive Firming Cream from Korea.

With our relaxing, oh-so-heavenly bust massage, you don’t have to rely on surgical knives for a natural, graceful, and attractive appearance.

No Saline, Silicone, or Gummy! Just organic, relaxing massaging for a well-toned bosom.

All About the Magical Cream

For you to have the drop-dead gorgeous busts, we make use of a new-generation Breast Intensive Firming Cream which has 11% Volufiline to support effective breast firming. The cream has the perfect balance of technology and nature to bless you with the absolute perks of womanhood.

While the cream is infused with advanced TDDS technology, it is also loaded with botanical ingredients like Pueraria and pomegranate tree extract. The former increases the effective absorption in the skin, whereas the latter functions like female hormones.

That’s not all! After a few routined usage you will observe elegant breast line, thanks to the features like skin whitening and skin vitality.


Bust Enhancement: Not having the desired size and shape of breasts can be significantly detrimental to a woman’s self-esteem in the era when people believe in ‘bigger the better.’

Our treatment adds fullness to naturally small breasts and enhances the shrunken ones caused due to lifestyle factors or aging processes.

Bust Contouring: You no longer have to rely on concealer and highlighter to master the art of creating the illusion of a bigger bust. Our subtle treatment focuses on bust contouring which gets rid of conditions like tubular breasts and mild sagginess.

Your ideal bustline and cleavage is a just massage away. Bid farewell to the sagginess and say a happy hello to the firmness.

Bust Lifting: It’s a bitter truth that age is a sneaky thief, and gravity, it's trusty sidekick- together they can really bring your youthful bosoms down! With our massage treatment, you not only achieve the desirable projection, position, and shape but also arrest the descent to feel perked up.

Now you can easily flaunt some décolletage without going under the knife or wearing uncomfortable push-up bras.

Bust Detox: Yet another perk of our treatment is the trend that has gotten intense popularity on social media- bust detox! If it’s a new term for you, bust detox improves blood circulation to cut down the risk of bust-related illness.

Cheers to the fitter, healthier, and detoxed bosoms!


Free Consultation : At Isabella Aesthetics, your incredible beautification journey kickstarts with a no-obligation consultation with our friendly, attentive, and experienced team of staff. This includes information on the procedure and the products used.

Our topmost priority is to listen to you and come to a thorough understanding of exactly what your expectations are. We take pride in being able to provide you with honest and professional advice after analyzing the aesthetics of your torso with professional’s discerning eyes. After all, in your confidence lies our happiness.

Day of the Much-awaited Massage: Unlike surgical procedures, you don’t have to prepare yourself for the massage and get nervous about the pain. All you have to do is show up at our haven when your appointment is due.

Keeping the Cleavage Calm and Clear: The calming process starts with a cleansing step followed by a 15-minute mild scrub for lymphatic drainage. This promotes your lymph and helps the body to metabolise toxins more efficiently while discouraging fluid retention at the same time.

What’s even better is the fact that scrubbing primes your delicate bosom area to absorb the essential oil much more effectively, which means you get a lot more bang for your buck.

A message to remember: Next, is the wipe-off of the oil with warm water to prepare the skin for another 20-minute bosom-firming massage using the fabulous meditime bust cream.


Isabella Aesthetics is renowned as one of the best cosmetic stops offering a foray of best solutions with advanced technology and productive ingredients. Our team of trained and experienced staff is very attentive to your wants and always a step ahead to satisfy you with the customized treatment.

We are held in the highest esteem in breast aesthetics by hundreds of our happy clients who never fail to make our recommendation to their network.
Secret to the Radiant Complexion Singapore


How long do I have to wait after the treatment to get back to my daily routine?

None a day! Isn’t that super incredible? Unlike the surgical treatments, you don’t have to wait for days or weeks to resume your everyday routine of hitting the gym, going to work, or even driving to pick up your dry-cleaning.

Is there any post-treatment care?

As it is a totally natural form of massage, you don’t have any post-treatment care to worry about. You can take a sigh of relief as there’s no hassle of tubes, pain pumps, special bras, or bandages.

How much time does the entire process take?

You can easily reap the benefits of the process within an hour and admire your fuller, rounder, firmer, bigger, and perkier bosoms. For a better and more long-lasting result, you can sign up for 3-4 sessions at a regular interval. This can be thoroughly discussed during the consultation so you are happy with the result.

Does Breast Intensive Firming Cream have any side effects?

Dermatologically tested to help in breast firming and whitening, the cream possesses no side-effect at all unless you are allergic to certain ingredients of the cream. A precautionary note is made during the consultation if you have an allergic reaction to any of the ingredients.


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