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Having translucent, glowing skin is a dream come true for millions of beautiful young individuals out there. With the hype the trend of ‘glass skin’ has created, everyone is yearning to maintain incredible dewy, healthy and smooth-as-glass skin which requires a lot of upkeep. However with IsabellaAesthetic’s Korean TDN Hydroglow technology it’s a piece of cake!
Korean TDN Hydroglow technology therapy Singapore
Korean TDN Hydroglow technology Singapore

Secret for a Youthful Glow

Korean TDN (Transfer Double Nanosphere) Hydroglow technology is meticulously developed by the same established company that had master-curated IsabellaAesthetic’s Needleless PDO Thread Lift Program. This highly advanced treatment incorporates a patented, key ingredient Abeliphyllum Distichum Extracts from the Miseon Tree that’s only found in Korea. This particular tree is researched to have not only anti-cancer functions but also inhibits DNA damage due to oxygen stress. In fact, Abeliphyllum Distichum has received not one but two patents in 2006 and 2007 for anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties respectively.

Hassle-free Treatment

Is it a tedious process, you may ask? The answer: Not at all! This non-invasive, multi-therapeutic approach gives you visible outcome after carrying out merely four steps. Initially, NMF acid and cell pumping technique is implemented to open the channels which is followed by the procedure to create a replenish environment using bicarbonate anon using cell spread technique. After this the skin walls are strengthened to prevent loss of moisture and finally the special ingredient i.e., Miseon tree extract to recharge water which immediately hydrates the skin.
TDN Hydroglow Hassle-free Treatment Singapore

Rejuvenated and Nourished Skin

The main objective of this systematic anti-aging treatment is to instantly infuse hydration into the skin and bid much-awaited adieu to dull complexion that yells dearth of adequate oxygen and water. The technology not only revitalizes and deeply hydrates the skin but also minimizes fine lines and wrinkles while simultaneously evening the skin tone and texture.

The Transfer Double Nanotechnology also allows the face to benefit from the lifting effect just like conventional thread lift but with no needle, no pain and no redness. For this very reason every individual is extolling the virtues of this revolutionary innovation.

Why IsabellaAesthetics: A cut above the Rest

The refreshing Korean TDN Hydroglow technology at IsabellaAesthetics will brighten your skin by getting rid of impurities that results in the creation of a beautiful glow on your complexion. Also, due to the use of Abeliphyllum Distichum this treatment contributes immense aid in atopy repair, skin property, anti-aging and regeneration of cells. You can be assured of smooth, firm and clean skin once the procedure comes to an end. After all, relaxing, hydrating, stimulating, moisturizing, and rejuvenating are the results of undergoing Korean TDN Hydroglow Treatment.
Best korean TDN Hydroglow Treatment Singapore
4 way system for korean TDN Hydroglow Treatment Singapore
Miseon Tree for Korean TDN Hydroglow technology Singapore

Above: Miseon Tree only found in Korea which has anti-cancer functions and inhibits DNA damage due to oxygen stress. Patented ingredient.



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