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Have you always dreamt of having flattering eyebrows? Do you spend half the morning perfecting the brows? Are you in quest of a panacea to all your brow problems?

If you’ve answered ‘YES!’ to all the aforementioned questions, you belong to the category that understands that brows are the silent workhorse of the face. Eyebrows have the incomparable ability to bring out the features, give our face the right proportion, and frame the eyes. And at present, it has become easier than ever to flaunt your bold, impeccably shaped, and filled-out insta-brow.

Hello to the Well-proportioned Brows

How you may wonder? The answer: Isabella Aesthetics’ Korean Spin Roller Technique Eyebrow Embroidery! With this widely acclaimed technique enhancing the shape of the existing brows or replacing the completely lost eyebrows has become a piece of cake. The latest and one-of-its-kind procedure uses the Isabella Aesthetics’ signature embroidery technique and organic semi-permanent pigments to help you ace the good brow game.

In order to create a pair of natural-looking, well-defined embroidered eyebrows, plant-based colors are infused into the epidermis layer of the skin to amp up your brows instantly. While the procedure is completely painless, the anesthetic cream is applied before the treatment to prevent even the slightest discomfort. And the best part is the eyebrow embroidery can last anywhere from a year to two years

Natural-looking Brows with Isabella Aesthetics

At Isabella Aesthetics well-trained embroidery artists equipped with the skills curate customized bespoke brow design after carefully studying your face and the features. Moreover, the sterilized, single-use suji needles speak that we put utmost importance to hygienic.

That’s not all! We are proud to own a certificate from OSHA’s Bloodborne Pathogen Standard, Title 29 Code of Federal Regulations Section 1910.1030, a mandatory requirement for practicing Cosmeticians in the USA. It’s time to retire your eyebrow pencils and extensions, and welcome fuller manicured eyebrows.


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