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Korean BB Whitening Treatment has created the hype worldwide and it’s totally worth it. The cult treatment is Korea’s latest beauty innovation which is accredited as The Korean BB Water Shine Treatment. This semi-permanent skin therapy creates magic by infusing skin-colored ampoule into the topmost layer using a micro needle therapy system. Fret not; the entire procedure is completely painless with absolutely zero downtime.
Korean BB Water Shine Treatment Singapore
Korean BB Foundation Singapore

Nano-tech Process

The first step to achieving a radiant glow on the skin is to make to completely cleanse your face and prepare the base for thorough exfoliation. This ensures that both visible and non-visible impurities are removed from the skin prior to the initiation of the treatment. This is followed by the uniform application of the Korean BB Foundation ampule all over the face and the neck areas.

The next step is the usage of IsabellaAesthetics Nano Size Micro-needle Therapy System (MTS) to infuse this world-shattering Korean B.B. Foundation ampoule into the skin and over every corner of the face specifically for three times. Once it is penetrated evenly and let it be for some time, a relaxing, brightening mask is put on the treated region which brings the session to an end. It is recommended to attend at least 3 sessions to spot the enviable radiance on your dewy, glowy and ridiculously perfect-looking skin.

Little Spa Retreat for Your Face

After the completion of the painless procedure you will observe an incredible skin transformation- brighter and smoother than ever! The ground-breaking treatment not only rejuvenates the skin but also brightens it. Additionally, you will observe drastic minimization size of the pores which will give you desirable luminiscent skin.

Another benefit you can get from taking this therapeutic treatment is the prevention of discoloration on the skin giving you a natural, believable finish. Hydrating skin is indispensible when you are aiming to have glowing, unblemished skin and with this treatment you will notice that your skin gets necessary hydro-pampering it needs as it takes pride in its moisture retaining properties.
Nano Size Micro-needle Therapy System Singapore
Korean B.B. Foundation ampoules Singapore

Why IsabellaAesthetics: Where Experience Matters

Why is Isabella Aesthetics different, you may wonder? The answer: the Korean B.B. Foundation ampoules that are used at Isabella Aesthetics are all of 10 ml capacity in comparison to many other salons which measure between 5 ml and 8 ml. With the experience and care of the Isabella Aesthetics professionals, you will be ecstatic seeing the unbelievable, immediate result of the treatment which will last for four to six months as per your skin conditions.



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