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The magical invention of Korean eyelash self-growth treatment can unquestionably be acknowledged as a boon to those suffering from not only hypotrichosis but also continuous fall-out of sparse lashes. The procedure helps you be the proud owner of fuller, longer, denser eyelashes that you can bat anywhere and anytime without fretting about fall-out or breakage.

No Downtime, No Redness and No Puffiness

The technique adopts the Korean MTS Technology that has been proven to stimulate the lash follicles to bless your with an unbelievable natural growth of lashes, sans hassle of gluing eyelash extensions. The advanced technology relies on both micro-needling technique and the usage of proprietary serum to infuse nutrition rich ampoules containing biotin, peptides, and moisturizing hyaluronic acid that not only stirs the growth of lash from the roots but also boosts the new ones.
Initially the experienced technician cleanses your eyelids of any trace of oil and gunk away that may hinder the treatment. After this special patented lash growth ampoule is meticulously applied to either upper or lower lash line or even both. Running of the electronic micro-needle tool across the lash lines follows right after the application of the serum to facilitate the penetration of nutrients deep into the skin.

The treatment is wrapped up with a heated soothing eye mask for deeper penetration of the ampoule. This also soothes the eyes and gets rid of any swelling, redness, and puffiness, if there’s any!

Long, luscious lashes

The non-surgical procedure starts to show result within a month of receiving the treatment by activating approximately 85% dormant hair follicles which then contributes in accelerating the cell growth. The treatment is without a doubt an absolute panacea for all the eyelash woes with minimal downtime.

While you may observe fall off of some eyelashes in the following days, they will be replaced by thicker, longer and darker ones. You will be on cloud nine when you notice more lashes to clump on with your eyelash curler. In fact, the average length of growth ranges from 8-12 mm and lasts for 4-6 months. Moreover, the treatment not only stimulates the growth but also fortifies brittle lashes to prevent break off without any eye irritation.

Also, even after you dunk your head in a vat of water for minutes, they will still look pristine without curling or any coating of mascara and make your eyes pop, all the time! So you can bid sweet farewell to short, sparse lashes and say hello to seductive, long and thick eyelashes. What’s even better is the fact that you no longer need to splurge on exorbitant mascara or fake lashes.

Why Isabella Aesthetics?

The licensed aesthetician and expert lash stylists at Isabella Aesthetics will have a detailed consultation about your preference of style considering your facial and bone structure. You will also be guided where you should go for individual lashes for more natural appearance or cluster lashes for voluminous and thick look.


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