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Love the look of mascara on but concerned about the hassle of applying it every day? Worry no more; ‘eyelash perm and lift’ at Isabella Aesthetics is here to your rescue! This advanced keratin infused lash enhancement treatment is done using Australian perming system, which proffers you an attractive, natural look with your own lashes instantly.

Not only will it make the eyelashes turn upwards but also make them appear darker, thicker, and longer – lasting somewhere between one to three months. Even better, it’s a proven alternative to waterproof mascara and provides you that perfect coat that bolsters even the most sensitive eyes!
Eyelash perming lifting and tinting Singapore
Semi-Permanent Mascare Singapore   

A perm for your Lashes

Like the traditional perms from the '70s, eyelash lifts anchor the shape of your natural lashes while giving a realistic curl using a chemical solution. An advanced, improved procedure, surpassing the ‘over curled dolly’ look of its predecessor, this chemical procedure ditches the old-school perm rollers to use the silicone pads— lifting the lash from the root in either a straight or curled, upwards fashion that produces length and a bright eyed enhanced look.

What’s more; the procedure is totally harmless as you’ve your eyes closed for the entire treatment. In fact, it begins by cleaning your eyelashes and then applying a silicone shield to the sensitive skin around the eye, so it is guarded during the appointment. Lashes are then deliberately lifted onto the specially designed lifting pads, where they are combed up to take that perfect shape. This is when eye-safe perm lotion is applied, and gradually removed and brushed away!

You can personalize your results

With highly-experienced Lash Experts at Isabella Aesthetics, you can discuss your expectations, goals and style prior to the procedure (for example, if you want lashes curled high upwards or more fanned out, etc.). Based on your requirements, we’d craft a tailor-made plan including a curl size that best suits your eye shape. Our technicians will perform the lash procedure with the utmost care and proper technique, and leave no stones unturned to produce exceptional eyelashes for your exceptional face.

Personalized Eyelash regrowth treatment Singapore   


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