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Beneath your current face lies a secret one! A brighter, more youthful and wrinkle-free version of you! And somewhere in the midst of rigorous face massages, countless chemical peels, and not to mention the painful extractions— you’ve done it all to nourish your skin but only at the superficial level.

The Iontophoresis is a facial technique that infuses collagen into the skin by using low power electric current that helps permeates the lipid bi-layers of the skin, way beyond the superficial level, something that passive liquid diffusion cannot.

Collagen Skin Multi Rejuvenate Facual with Iontophoresis Singapore
Collagen Skin Multi Rejuvenate facial treatment Singapore

Bring forth the younger YOU

A reliable delivery technique that instills the collagen production for enhanced lightening and hydration of the skin, the Collagen Skin Multi Rejuvenate facial uses state-of-the-art iontophoresis machine that synergizes the treatment for quicker and better results.(Oh, but there's so much more).

The high-tech galvanic facial machine also promotes the absorption of nutrients through the skin by many times, driving them deeper into the pores to instantly smoothen, soften and plump the skin on the face. Even better, it also tightens up the skin and helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles —giving a naturally youthful look.

How the Iontophoresis Facial Therapy Works

The Iontophoresis machine handpiece is used to direct a low-frequency microcurrent directly into the facial skin. These positive and negative ions work as a magnet atop the skin’s surface, pushing the collagen deeper down into the inner layers of the skin. This leads to cellular turnover that repairs damaged tissues and triggers the cells to undergo the healing process.

The skin then absorbs the collagen within a few seconds as the electric energy tones, tightens and brightens up the skin, in addition to gently stimulate the skin tissues. While most iontophoresis sessions last for about 15-30 minutes, it may last up to an hour when combined with a full skin multi rejuvenate facial treatment.

How the Iontophoresis Facial Therapy Works Singapore
Best cosmetic salon in Singapore

Safe & Proven Results

As micro-current energy has been studied and documented for several years, the very low-frequency impulses used during this facial treatment are deemed cent percent safe and have a proven track record at IsabellaAesthetics, which is arguably the best cosmetic salon in Singapore.

In fact, did you know that one of the biggest benefits of the Collagen Skin Multi Rejuvenate facial is that it boasts of immediate results! Not only will you notice your appearance transform in a few minutes, but you’re also free to continue your daily errands right away! That’s why; it’s often called a lunch-time facelift ☺



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