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Aquarelle Lip Embroidery is the one of the latest cosmetic techniques that has proven to be miraculous in creating fuller and healthier looking lips. This semi-permanent, minimally non-invasive treatment also instills 100% plant based pigmentation of the epidermis layer of skin to brighten and lighten dark lips into your preferred lip tone color.

Rediscover the true beauty that you are

While getting this cosmetic tattoo on your sensitive lips can be nerve-racking, you are in safe hands of the Isabella’s well-trained technicians who do a fabulous job in creating well-defined lips. The beautifying procedure commences with the application of an organic anesthetic so that you feel minimal discomfort during the treatment which takes about 20 minutes to kick in. To make sure that the end result meets your utmost satisfaction an outline is drawn to your liking.

After the base is created the process of applying the preferred tint is injected into the skin using a brand-new, mechanized needle which builds layers of color. To create a more-natural looking illusion powder-based pigment is used that will not fade away within short time period. At Isabella Aesthetics a secret proprietary embroidery technique is used not just around lip area but also down into the middle of the lip for smooth blended look. However the interior part of the lips is left without any color that results in naturally occurring, pretty pout.
Aquarelle Lip enhancement Singapore
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Get Perfect Arty Lips

Aquarelle Lip Embroidery ends your relentless quest for a fuller, more pillowy, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley-esque lips for perfect bigger, juicy pout. Using this technique you can also conceal the hyperpigmentation that bars you from experimenting your with trendy lip tints.

Yet another benefit is that well-done lip embroidery evens out the tone while brightening the lips. Also, the treatment functions as a corrective measure to right the asymmetrical lips and make the features perfectly proportioned. Essentially, the technique enhances the beauty of natural lip hue, improves and defines the shape to create the flawless illusion of fullness.

Why Isabella Aesthetics: Great lips and beyond

The master artists at Isabella Aesthetics are absolute perfectionist who treat your face as fresh canvas and are dedicated to creating masterpieces by transforming lips into luscious tinge of pink. Also, the completely natural plant-based micro pigments safeguard your delicate lips from any unwanted reactions.

Additionally, IsabellaAesthetic’s team is a proud owner of certificate from OSHA’s Bloodborne Pathogen Standard, Title 29 Code of Federal Regualtions Section 1910.1030 which is compulsory prerequisite for practicing Cosmeticians in the USA and ascertains that we prioritize the practice of strict hygiene.
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