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Skin CareShikonin-Centella Ampoule Mask |Isabella Aesthetics



✔ Shikonin-Centella Ampoule Mask for Acne/Spot calming and Soothing care

✔ It contains nearly 1oz of highly concentrated Ampoule. This means each mask contains one bottle of ampoule

✔ Recommend for: Anyone who gets trouble frequently or concerns sunburn from extreme UV

✔ Chemical-Free ✔ For Trouble or Sunburn Skin ✔ Anyone who concerns trouble on their skins ✔ Anyone who concerns about sunburn after tanning or outdoor activity ✔ Anyone who craves healthy and beautiful skin

✔ How to Use: Apply the mask after toner and leave it for 10 to 20 minutes.


Shikonin-Centella Ampoule Mask

The Shikonin-Centella Ampoule Mask is made for Sunburn, Acne/Spot calming & Soothing care.

Each mask contains 27ml of highly concentrated Ampoule.

Shikonin-Centella Ampoule Mask (5pcs) 1 Shikonin-Centella Mask contain 27ml of Ampoule Shikonin-Centella Mask got 27ml of Ampoule benefits of Shikonin-Centella ampoule Mask how to use Shikonin-Centella Ampoule Mask Recommendation of Shikonin-Centella Ampoule Mask Smoothing skin care from Shikonin-Centella Ampoule Mask


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