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Melaban Whitening Deep Spot Patch (4 Pouches per box)

Easy to apply, Melaban Deep Whitening Spot Patch

Melaban Whitening Deep Spot Patch is a spa-inspired cosmetic that takes you closer to your dream of spot-less beauty. Based on ICURETDDS penetration technology, it is the world’s first transcutaneous patch that helps in skin whitening and brightening.

The patch works by infiltrating the freckles and blemish spots for their active removal while your skin relaxes during sleep. It contains clinically-tested whitening agents like Niacinamide, Tranexamic Acid, and Glutathione.

The whitening patch has been lab-tested for skin stability and 24-hours irritation-free application. By using it twice a week, you can easily get rid of spots and freckles on cheeks and under eyes within the first routines.

Core Ingredients
Tranexamic acid, Niacinamide, Alpha-Melight,
Glutathione, VitaminCderivative

Whitening functional cosmetic


1.World’s First, World’s Only Patented Transcutaneous Patch
ICURETDDS penetration technology makes it more effective infiltrate
the Freckles and blemish spots. Results much cleaner skin when used
with the cream

2.Twice a week, focused freckle and blemish improvement during sleep
In a thin gel, tranexamic acid, glutathion, niacinamide, whitening agents are

3.Excellent adhesion, Don’t worry about irritation even when attached over 24 hours!
Completed skin-irritation test

4. Scientifically designed to match spots(designpatentpending)
Focused management of symmetrical freckles around the eyes,
cheekbone(cheek) and round the mouth, Immediate improvement of skin
brightening meditime Melaban Deep Spot Patch

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