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Skin CareNewly innovative Melaban ultimate whitening cream at Isabella Aesthetic



Melaban Ultimate Whitening Cream

This is an ultimate whitening cream by Melaban that not only whitens your skin appearance but also reduces the wrinkles in the face. Its smooth and highly concentrated formulation keeps long-lasting moisture under your skin.

This newly innovated whitening cream targets freckle removal, age spots, and pigmentation. The skin radiant for a longer period of time with no side effects as the cream contains no harmful factors like artificial flavors and mineral oils. All the artificial whitening agents, parabens, steroids, artificial colors are all excluded. This is the definitive double functional, dermo whitening formula that you can use at home to make your skin whiter and picture-perfect for any moment.

The same ingredient for treatment of melasma ‘Tranexamic acid’
–Professional cosmetics for melasma

Core Ingredients
Tranexamic acid 20,000 ppm, Melaban W Complex 74,200 ppm, Glutathione

Whitening·Wrinkle Care functional cosmetic


1.Professional Institutional Ingredients, Specialist prescription melasma product
Reliable, safe formulation

2.Tranexamic acid, MelabanW complex which are prescribed by experts
Clean the dull and mottled areas with spots and freckles

3.Immediate lightening tone-up melasma care cream
No artificial whitening. Can be applied on the skin over night.

4.Smooth, highly concentrated formulation for lasting moisturizing effects
Clinical effect to moisturize skin under 2.0mm

5. Contains patented ingredients of whitening
COS-VCE(Vitamin C derivatives / Patent No.0500503)
MadeWhite™ (Madecassoside-containing ingredients/ Patent No.10-1245563)
Alpha-Melight™ (Care for skin clean/ PatentNo.10-08233533)

6. No harmful ingredients harmful to skin
Such as Paraben, Steroid, Artificial colors, Artificial flavors, Mineral Oils, Alcohols,
Benzophenones, Sulfates, Triethanolamines
meditime Melaban Cream

Tranexamic Acid

• Tranexamic acid is an analogue of lysine, an amino acid

•Famous for eatable treatment of Chloasma (eating medication for melasma
Inhibits the proteinase plasmin, a melanocyte activator

•Inhibits the activity of tyrosine to melanin by blocking the activity of tyrosinase
Effective for improving the shape of spots spreading

•Various research papers on improving melasma


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