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Skin CareDr. Hedison Peptide 7 Enriched Cream 50 ml for a natural look



Dr. Hedison Peptide 7 Enriched Cream

Dr. Hedison Peptide 7 Enriched Cream is an anti-aging cream that possesses many fruitful properties. It’s active natural ingredients and the natural composition helps you gain a fresh look, elasticity and provide you with an even tone.

The cream is packed with Spirulina extracts, minerals, antioxidants, and 7 different types of peptides. These ingredients are known to maintain skin balance, neutralize active oxygen, and also prevent the cause of aging and skin diseases. Apply the cream in the morning and evening. This routine will bless you with a nourished skin that is soft and pleasant to touch. What’s more; it also helps in the regeneration of the skin after damage and protects it against infections.


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