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Skin CareSPF 50+ and PA +++ derma ampoule pact for natural look| Isabella Aesthetic



Derma Ampoule Pact

Derma Ampoule Pact is a high-performance bio-ampoule focused on brightening, moisturizing, increasing elasticity, and covering the skin marks. With the Derma Ampoule Pact, the skin radiance revives purely like natural skin.

The SPF 50+ and PA +++ gives you 50 times the sun protection of what the skin naturally provides, and prevents the skin from exposure of strong UV radiations. Derma Ampoule Pact contains 7 patented ingredients namely Oligo HA, Fructan, Ceramide, Allantoin, Portulaca, Panthenol, β-gluc, Asiatic extracts that give the users an absolute strong skin vitality. Additionally, the remarkable best-in-class color formula provides a perfect skin appearance and beautiful effect from any angle to make you selfie-ready all the time.

Core Ingredients
TranexamicAcid, COS-VCE(VitaminC derivative), FILMEXELL(Skin flexion care), PDRN, Oligo HA, Fructan

Whitening·Wrinkle care Triple functional cosmetic


1.56.4 % of high-performance Bioampouleingredientsin pact
Moisturizing+ Brightening+ Elasticity+ Cover the skin marks

2. Color formula for perfect skin appearance
Mixed Skin+ White+ Pink colors. Beautiful skin effect from any angle

3.Shin brightening effect from the skin
Tranexamicacid/ COS-VCE, Niacinamide

4. Provide strong skin vitality with ingredient containing PDRN

5. Derma Skin Care with 7 Patented Ingredients
Oligo HA ,Fructan, Ceramide, Allantoin, Portulaca, Panthenol, β-gluc, Asiatic

6.Closely adhered to the skin with carefully selected water drop shape cutting puff

7. SPF 50+ / PA +++

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