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Skin CareBest care cream made in Korea to buy to get youthful skin



Botalinium Concentrate Care Cream – Made in Korea (50g)

Botulinum Concentrate Care Cream is a highly concentrated skin-barrier reinforced restorative skin cream focused on soothing, moisturizing, and enhancing skin elasticity. The highly concentrated formulation has a very smooth and creamy texture. The solid formation, however, when applied to the skin is its instantaneous absorption into the skin without any kind of stickiness.

With the world’s first Botulinium-derived material with no purified water, the Cream provides a functional skin-care with whitening and anti-wrinkle functionalities. The best part about the Botalinium Concentrate Care Cream is that it reliably restores the damaged skin without any glowing redness or elasticity. What’s more; the anti-aging and brightening effect helps to moisturize the inner and outer layers of the skin.


Core Ingredients
No purified water! Replacing with Centella asiatica extract, Botulinum derived ingredients, 5 patented ingredients, 5 peptides, regenerated ingredients, 5natural oils, etc.

Whitening, Wrinkle Care functional cosmetic


1. World’s first, Botulinum-derived material in ICID

2. Contains centellaasiaticaextract instead of purified water
(5 patented ingredients, 5peptides, regenerated ingredients, 5 natural oils etc.)

3. Soothing, Moisturizing, Skin-barrier reinforced Cream
After skin care procedure in clinic,highly enriched barrier-strengthening cream
dermatologically focused on regenerative effects that relieves skin comfortably
and reliably restores damaged skin without glowing redness.

4. Intensive moisturizing care after special skin care
A powerful dual anti-dry effect that simultaneously moisturizes outer and inner
skin. Also provides functional skin-care and concentrated care of post procedure
traces with whitening and anti-wrinkle functionalities.

5. Highly concentrated formulation, Creamy texture
It is a solid formulation, but when applied to the skin its creamy texture dissolves
so that it absorbs quickly into the skin without stickiness.

Ingredient of cosmetic botulinum Singapore


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