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Botal EX Ampoule – Dry Freezing Powder Technology (4 in 1)

Botal Ex Ampoule is the first freeze derived vital anti-aging ampoule that is perfectly designed for wrinkle care and skin whitening. The Ampoule is packed with fish collagen extracts with 0% purified water which is the world’s top anti-aging extract component.

Additionally, the botulinum-derived ingredients, 7 different patented ingredients, and 11 types of peptides help to moisturize and lift up the skin. The TDDS technology enhances the absorption process and effectively delivers the ingredients to the innermost layer of the skin. With no harmful ingredients, the formulation of absorbent fluid makes the skin smoother, moist without an iota of stickiness to your beautiful face.

The first, Freeze-derived vital anti-aging ampoule

Core Ingredients
France collagen extracts 68% (Purified water 0%), Botulinum-derived material, 7 types of patented ingredients, 11 different types of peptides

Whitening·Wrinkle Care functional cosmetic

1. TV Home Shopping Channel! The first development in cosmetic formulation! Freeze-dried vital EX Ampoule!
Physicochemical characterization of formulation in freeze-dried states provides indispensable ingredients with powder, wrinkle-reduction effect or lifting effect

2. 11 different types of peptide maximized its efficiency during freeze-
drying process!

Powerful effect of freeze-dried powder as an undiluted solution
(Contains cell penetrating botulinum-derived ingredients)

3. ‘One-touch mixing method’ that combines Powder + Ampoule directly

4. ICURE’s “CP-TDDS” Technology, Maximized Absorption!
TDDS technology enhances absorption process UP! Simultaneous care effect on inner and outer
layer of skin

5. Purified water 0%, Fish Collagen Extract(France)68%
The world’s top anti-aging ingredient, Skin familiar collagen extract component helps moisturizing
and lifting your skin

6. 11 different types of peptide, 7 types of patented ingredients

7. Golden ration formulation- Absorbent fluid formulation makes the skin smooth and moisturized. Moistness UP! Stickiness NO!

8. 10 No harmful ingredients: 6 types of Paraben, Mineral oil, Artificial color, Artificial flavor, Benzophenone

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