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Skin CareBotal ex ampoule dry freezing powder technology single mini kit| Isabella Aesthetic



Botal EX Ampoule – Dry Freezing Powder Technology (SINGLE MINI KIT)


Botal EX Ampoule – Dry Freezing Powder Technology is a revolutionary product designed to deliver impeccable results in wrinkled reduction and lifting. Dermatologically tested by experts, the freeze-dried EX ampoule comprises 7 patented ingredients that deeply penetrate the cells of your skin.

Based on the TDDS technology, these botulinum-derived ingredients work on the inner and outer layers of your skin to reduce wrinkles. This wrinkle-care effect is enhanced by the Fish Collagen Extract (68%), which moisturizes and lifts your skin.

This anti-aging ampoule also gives a whitening touch to your skin. And the dry freezing powder technology ensures that your skin remains smooth and moist with zero stickiness.

Core Ingredients
France collagen extracts 68% (Purified water 0%), Botulinum-derived material, 7 types of patented ingredients, 11 different types of peptides

Whitening·Wrinkle Care functional cosmetic

1. TV Home Shopping Channel! The first development in cosmetic formulation! Freeze-dried vital EX Ampoule!
Physicochemical characterization of formulation in freeze-dried states provides indispensable ingredients with powder, wrinkle-reduction effect or lifting effect

2. 11 different types of peptide maximized its efficiency during freeze-
drying process!

Powerful effect of freeze-dried powder as an undiluted solution
(Contains cell penetrating botulinum-derived ingredients)

3. ‘One-touch mixing method’ that combines Powder + Ampoule directly

4. ICURE’s “CP-TDDS” Technology, Maximized Absorption!
TDDS technology enhances absorption process UP! Simultaneous care effect on inner and outer
layer of skin

5. Purified water 0%, Fish Collagen Extract(France)68%
The world’s top anti-aging ingredient, Skin familiar collagen extract component helps moisturizing
and lifting your skin

6. 11 different types of peptide, 7 types of patented ingredients

7. Golden ration formulation- Absorbent fluid formulation makes the skin smooth and moisturized. Moistness UP! Stickiness NO!

8. 10 No harmful ingredients: 6 types of Paraben, Mineral oil, Artificial color, Artificial flavor, Benzophenone


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