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Skin CareBatoxin Derma Lift Up Master for home care - Isabella Aesthetics



Batoxin Derma Lift Up Master

‘Batoxin Derma Lift Up Master’ is an absolute must-have multi-purpose peel-off mask to see the result after the first application itself. From instant 3D lifting effect and enhancement of skin elasticity to the removal of sebum and blackheads, the Batoxin Derman Lift Up Master made using patented TDDS technology helps you get the dreamy, youthful, and toned appearance.

With core ingredients like sodium deoxycholate, PLLA, and Filmexel, you can be assured of seeing the firmer, contoured, and result after the first application itself. What’s even better is the fact that the mask also benefits you with the shining and brightening effect. You will not only age down with skin lifting experience, like taking a massage but also have flawless radiant skin with cornification that normalizes the skin turnover cycle.

Face lifting UP, Aging DOWN with Batoxin!
Let’s face lift strongly!!

Core Ingredients
BATOXIN Derma -3D Lifting Rx™ (Sodium Deoxycholate, PLLA, Filmexel)
Botulinum-derived ingredient

1.Botulinum+Liftingunique ingredient‘Derma-3D Lifting Rx™’

2.Patented TDDS technology delivers active ingredients deeply into your skin
Instant 3D Lifting effect with Unique Lifting Core Formula

3.Only single use, Instant lifting effect
Helps improving skin elasticity and keep it firm with continuous use

4.Firmly sticks to the skin and removes sebum and blackheads
Helps to have a good makeup

5.Makes clean and bright skin tone(Shining/ Brightening effect)

6.Normalizes skin turnover cycle with exfoliating

7.Lifting effect like taking a massage

Note: Does not comes with the application stick.


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