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Skin CareAntiaging skin solution set - Isabella Aesthetics



Antiaging skin solution set comes with

Dr Hedison EGF Cleansing Milk (500ml)
Dr Hedison EGF Hydra Gentle Skin Toner (150ml)
Dr Hedison EGF Exfoliating Peeling Gel (170ml)
Batoxin Derma Lift Up Serum
Real Collagen Mask (4PC)
Hibiscus-Propolis Ampoule Mask (5pcs)


Antiaging skin solution set


Dr. Hedison EGF Cleansing Milk is a perfect amalgamation of skincare and revival. With the Rh-oligopeptide compound, the cleansing serum helps in strengthening the barrier of weak and non-elastic skin. As a result, your skin stays youthful and well-nourished for a long time.

Dr. Hedison EGF HYDRA GENTLE SKIN TONER is a Water style skin toner keeping your skin smooth and moist by supplying hydration containing EGF and Hyaluronic Acid with fresh finishing applied.
Keeps a balance of your skin and strengthens the skin barrier containing EGF.

Batoxin Derma Lift Up Serum Lifting+ Moisturizing+ Brightening Skin tone

Real Collagen Mask- Skin elasticity improvement with French collagen.

Hibiscus-Propolis Ampoule Mask for Strong Skin Elasticity, contains nearly 1oz of highly concentrated Ampoule. Hibiscus Flower Extract and Red Propolis help the skin to maintain strong elasticity and provide high-quality ingredients into the skin.  Recommend for: less skin elasticity and wants to get better. All EWG  Chemical Free, Hibiscus Sabdariffa Flower Extract, and Red Propolis Extract.


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