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Skin TreatmentIntroducing skin care salon & beauty work at Isabella Aesthetics

December 16, 2019by @dmin0

Introducing …
Anastasiia Hutsaliuk
International Lash Speaker, Trainer and Judge
Founder of Angelash

October Training Class Hosted by Isabella Aesthetics
Click here

Ukrainian born Anastasiia Hutsaliuk will be heading down all the way to SINGAPORE this year in October to impart her skills set and knowledge to only 20 students.

Anastasiia has taught more than 500 lash artists worldwide from Vietnam, Beijing, Romania, Stuttgart Germany, Belgium, France Paris, Portugal, Madrid, Netherlands, Milan Italy, Osnabruck Germany, Düsseldorf, Poland, Taiwan, Sofia Bulgaria, Norway, Keln Germany, Tallinn Estonia, Italy, Czech Republic, Finland, Mexico and many many more. She is also invited on several occasions to be a lash judge and Speaker internationally…

What’s interesting is that she is so good with what she does until others start to sell pictures of her works without her permission ! 😡 click here to read more

Let’s do a walk through of her fantastic lash works!

Amazing video, credits to Anastasiia

Here’s a Lash Map, showing how complex her lash curls and length combinations are.
As shown in the picture above, there are 3 different lash curls, Namely C, CC,D curls with 15 , no kidding, FIFTEEN, different lash lengths. Conventionally, usually normal lash artists uses 1 lash curl and 3-5 lash length combination to create a lash set. Anastasiia uses THREE different lash curls and FIFTEEN lash lengths to do ONE Set of lashes !!

It’s amazing and we are so so excited to see how she does it !!

Mega Volume Camellia Russian Eyelash Extensions

Before and after photo

The absolute solution for sparse lashes.

Who says you can’t have volume lashes if you have originally sparse lashes ?!

Anastasiia at Work

The real Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions

Isabella Aesthetics Singapore would be hosting this prestigious event in October 2019.

Material Provided

Dates: 5th & 6th October 2019
7th & 8th October 2019


Training Location: 10 Winstedt Road Block B

Enquires: +65 82989291 WHATSAPP for detailed course structure

International Students are welcomed!


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