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Lip Embroidery Course

Course Objectives: To equip participants with the theoretical knowledge and practical skills to perform lip embroidery confidently.

Course Pre-requisites: Participants do not need to have any experience at all in the relevant field.

Course Duration: 1 Day, 10:00am to 6:30pm

Class Size: 1-5 Participants (1:1 Class available too)

Advance lip embroidery course Singapore
Best lip embroidery course Singapore

Course Agenda:

  1. Introduction to Lip Embroidery
  2. Pre-Consultation with client prior to treatment.
  3. How to prepare your workstation prior to Lip Embroidery.
  4. How to perform color mixing for darkened lips.
  5. Detailed study of the entire lip embroidery procedure.
  6. Understanding the list of After-Care advise for clients
  7. Practicing Lip Embroidery on Practice Skin
  8. Demonstration of Procedure on Live Model
  9. Re-cap on the course
  10. Question & Answer Session
  11. Award of Certification to candidates

Full Course Materials Provided:

  1. Lip Pigments – 3 colours
  2. Korean Embroidery Machine with Pen – 15 Speed -1 Set
  3. Lip Embroidery Needles – 15
  4. Practice Skin – 1
  5. Pigment Ring Cups – 15
  6. Anesthetic Cream – 1 Tube

Course Fees: $2,088 Usual Price

Now $1,288 Nett

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